FarmBit Rebrands: Unveils a New Visual Brand Identity

7 min readJul 16, 2022


At Defimable, we believe in transparency and ownership. This article has been written to carry you along on our journey to becoming better, bigger and bolder in communicating our solution.

In July 2022, we officially retired FarmBit to pick up our bigger and better mission. Today, we are introducing a new brand identity for FarmBit to better communicate what we do, who we serve and how you can become a part of this global movement. And starting with the name, our mission just got bigger, it is time our brand lived up to it.


Defimable Logo

Defimable means “Decentralized Financing Made Able” and we have chosen this name to tell both existing and new users that we are ever committed to connecting businesses in dire need of financing with the untapped and unlocked liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem.

Why We Decided to Rebrand

For most people, FarmBit looked, felt and sounded like a solely agricultural company built on the blockchain to serve farmers and other agro related businesses. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t think that with our one in a lifetime logo, colour schemes and the mother of them all, the name itself!

You can’t put new wine in old wineskins and while we tried to hold on to the brand especially because we loved it, FarmBit has outgrown its initial value offer and hence the need to rebrand. To fully understand why we rebranded, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Defimable old and new logo


Since launch, FarmBit has reached many key milestones including the launch of our $FMB token, and the business pools which connect businesses to the new world of decentralised finance (DeFi). Unreached businesses prior to now saw us as more or less a solution for only agriculture and agro-related businesses. With this new look, we are expanding to accommodate not just warehouses and agro-related activities but other small and medium size businesses.

Today, we announce the unveiling of a new brand identity which better connects with our mission to create a trusted, reliable, and open financial future for businesses in Africa. We have decided to retain our brand colours because it is still an expression of the life we wish to give to businesses that are in need of working capital (which is the oxygen of any business).

The old symbols on the other hand have given way to a new symbol and font to transform and modernize our new expression. This new visual representation will go a long way in repositioning Defimable in the minds of both new and existing users as well as cementing our spot on the block.

Defimable Logo: Black and White

Our History

Since 2020, we have been committed to helping businesses and individuals unlock opportunities by bridging traditional financing to the new world of DeFi. On our platform, your business can access financing, and as an investor, you can participate to provide liquidity no matter your asset class using our native token, $FMB.

We do this by allowing businesses to discount their trade invoices to investors willing to advance funds and earn stable yields on Fima Pool, our open marketplace. On Fima Pools, borrowers can finance their real-world assets without middlemen like banks and other financial intermediaries and providing liquidity is open to everyone using DeFi and NFTs.

We started Defimable knowing that no matter your current business or investment needs, there’s an opportunity for everyone to challenge status quo, rethink current financing methods and deliver innovative solutions that are reliable, transparent and decentralized.

Defimable in 2022

The last six months have been instrumental in preparing us for this next phase and our growth has not only been focused on financing more businesses, striking new partnerships or hiring more talents. Rather, we have taken time as a team to expand our knowledge, fine tune processes, analyzed hundreds of feedback from active users, build a relationship with our community and invest in our team.

The Change

Our mission had become bigger and better and our previous branding was no longer living up to it. It not only restricted us but also misrepresented our value offer in a way. At Defimable, we are proud of our work and ever ready to shout about it from the rooftop. We want that to show in any and everything that is associated with us.

Three Things we wanted our logo to communicate

  1. Our Industry/niche
  2. Our expertise
  3. Our innovation/solution

The Process

We honed our brand assessment process across all our communities to consistently help us deliver results deeply rooted in competitive research and markey analysis.

Step 1

Research: We conducted both internal and external quantitative and qualitative brand research.

Step 2

Analysis: We developed the brand pyramid, positioning, and company uniqueness.

Step 3: Identity: Build a visual methodology that effectively communicates the brand.

Step 4: Voice: Craft compelling messaging to communicate the brand.

While it is true that a logo cannot tell the whole story, our design team has done a good job of capturing the most important details of it. Check out the new brand:

Alt text: Defimable brand details


This is a good place to stop and appreciate the wonderful people who delivered this new and scintillating rebrand. From the beginning, we decided to internally ideate but outsource execution. This is because as a team we have fond memories of FarmBit and we did not want to ship our sentiments into the rebranding.

It was important to us all that we tell our story to someone new and see it through their eyes. Another important reason was also to allow the team work on other aspects of the rebranding that was highly technical, sensitive and privy to only the Defimable Family.

We hunted around for a branding studio and got a match made in heaven with Ruach Graphics. Together with our in-house design team, they worked tirelessly to retain former aspects of our brand while including the new and refreshed narrative.


For the web design, our in-house design team handled it all from the beginning to the end! None other than them could have done this job perfectly. With our Lead Product Designer captaining the ship, the entire Defimable team deliberated, brainstormed and ideated until we settled on the new design.

The Team

Our Chief Communications Officer, Ene, wrote new copies, edited old content and married the old narrative with the new under the watchful eyes of Daniel, our Founder. Femi, our UI/UX made sure website was user friendly, and deployed all new copies to redesign all of our online documents for businesses, partners and investors, and Mary, our Creative Graphics Designer jumped on our socials and print work.

Tosan, our Community Manager kept the community abreast with the changes while Michael, our CFO held the financial fort down for us. Our Senior Developer Imran collaborated with Femi and Ene to code code the all new and flexible look. While it has been months of work for the Defimable team, we are happy with the results and cannot wait for the coming days to dance with this new expression.

What’s New

  1. A vibrant and enthusiastic new logo

This showcases the heart of Defimable together with a group of illustrations, icons and patterns to keep our groove on.

Defimable means “Decentralized Financing Made Able” and we have chosen this name to tell both existing and new users that we are ever committed to connecting businesses in dire need of financing with the untapped and unlocked liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem.

2. A new website look with an emphasis on simplicity.

DeFi is already hard for new adopters, there is no need to make it harder on our site.

3. Clarity on all our services.

Find exactly how we can help your business, partner with you or put your digital assets to work so you can earn passively.

4. A soon to be released DApp


After months of development, we are pleased to announce that our app is coming to your preferred app store soon. Click here to join an exclusive waiting list.

Defimable Now and Beyond: Financing Tomorrow Today

The symbol, colour, and fonts have been retained but logo gives a tech, modern and niche-specific look to our expression and further lends credibility to our vision to play a larger role in the growing decentralised financing ecosystem. We believe this is the right time to make the investment and change as we look to reimagine DeFi and prepare for growth.

This new rebrand brings consistency across our entire experience, including our popular Fima Pool Marketplace (formerly FarmBit Pool) and our communications.

How Can We Help?

We are here for you and hope you’ll contact us today.

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