How to Buy the $FMB

1 min readAug 3, 2022


Defimable’s native token- FMB can be found on multiple exchanges. Through the use of blockchain technology, Defimable makes finance easily accessible to MSMEs across Africa and eliminates intermediaries from the process by directly offering alternative financing to suppliers based on their verifiable invoices.

How to Buy the FMB

The last best time to buy was yesterday, the next best time is now.

To buy $FMB:

1. Download your preferred #web3wallet e.g Trust Wallet, MetaMask, etc.

2. Insert this link on the Dapps:

3. Change your network to BNB Chain [Smart Chain]

4. Input the amount FMB you want to buy.

5. Click swap.

6. A window with more details will appear. Click confirm swap

7. Done! You can click “View” on BscScan to see your transaction details on the explorer.

Defimable is solving a major finance problem for businesses in Africa using cryptocurrency and our difference is in the utility the $FMB provides.

This entire process is reliable, transparent and decentralized giving everyone no matter their asset class an opportunity to participate.

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A decentralized financing protocol for businesses in emerging economies, leveraging DeFi and NFT.